Tuesday, August 28, 2007


WOW! Life has been super crazy lately. I started classes back yesterday, and the work load is so stressful this semester. Plus, today, I started my new job. It's pretty laid back, I'm just answering phones and directing people to offices. It's alot more relaxing than my last job! Plus, I'm making the wedding invitations this week(finally!). I have some card packs that I HAVE to work on tonight, and I have to get business cards printed tomorrow. EXCITING NEWS! A girl called me from my college paper and is doing an article on students who get married while still in school. She interviewed me on the phone last night and is meeting with me and Nathan tomorrow. Im pretty excited about the article. I hope she views it in a positive light. Alot of people have negative views on people getting married young(I'm 20, Nathan's 22). I know it's right for us though. It's not going to be easy, but it's going to be nice to look back when we are older and have kids and are way better off than now and see that we struggled, but got through it together. I know there are tons of responsibilities that come with getting married and going to school(Nathan graduated in December, so that helps alot). Anyway, I am going to go walk Skyy. Happy Tuesday!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007


...for the weekend to get here! It's going to be the first weekend in many moons that I'm off the WHOLE weekend. Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday! We have friends coming over Thursday night. We might go canoeing Friday and Saturday. I'm finally going to get caught up on some promotional packs I've been working on and another invitation order( and maybe start on my wedding invitations!). I wanna have a Harry Potter marathon, but I don't know if I can sit still long enough! I've been wanting to do some giveaways soon, so I'll let you know more soon! Me and Nathan have to meet with our pastor tonight for our first pre-marriage session. I'm kinda nervous. I don't know what we're going to talk about. Our pastor is super cool, though, so I know it won't be weird or awkward. Hope everyone is having a good week!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Skyy love!

I just really love this dog tooo much! I thought I would share some cutie pics of him. He is such a baby. He is having a hard time adjusting to the new apartment, but he's getting better. I'm wanting to take some cute pics of him and make a cardset with them. What do ya think?

Friday, August 17, 2007


It's finally Friday! This week was pretty hectic. I had to work late tonight at a crop. I got one of my invitations orders done and some way cute pages done! I'll try to post some pics of them later! It's so late, but I'm wide awake! Our house is such a mess and my scrap room (AKA the laundry room) is SUCH a mess. I'll get everything organized one day. I wanna get up super early in the morning and go yardsaling, but I don't see that happening. I'm in a unusually creative mood right now. I'm thinking about making a pair of earrings for myself or finishing one of my many projects I have going. Have you ever just been in one of these moods? I need an outlet for it. I'm soooo excited about tomorrow night. We have friends coming into town and we're going to go get sushi!! and then come back home and have a little party up on the roof! Our apartment is still new, so hanging on the roof is still exciting! I'm starting to ramble, so I should go get started on something! Happy Weekend!

Thursday, August 16, 2007


It got up to 108 degrees today. And the air was out in the car! Right now me and nathan are sharing since my car is broken. He picked me up today and we were going to take Skyy to the dog park, but it was too hot. I feel so bad for him being cooped up inside all day. It has just been too hot for us to really take him anywhere like we normally do. I swear I love that dog WAY too much. I'll have to post some pictures of him up soon! I got some really great pictures from the weekend printed yesterday.I can't wait to scrapbook them.I've been so busy doing cards and invitations lately that I haven't had a chance. When I finish the invitation order I'm working on now,I'm going to do some major scrapping! Our internet isn't hooked up at the apartment yet, so I'm at the coffee shop across the street and they are closing and the girl does not look happy with me!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Busy Busy Busy

AHH! Today is my only day off from work this week and I'm sooooo busy. I have less than two months til the wedding and I still haven't gotten the invites made! Classes start back in two weeks and I'm not thrilled about that. I have two sets of 25 birthday party invitations to make for people by the end of the month. But I love it when life is like this! I am more productive when I am super busy. I am also thinking about submitting some cards in to a couple of magazines. The deadline for one of them is Friday, but I've already gotten some stuff in mind to submit. I have to go run my errands now. Have a great Wednesday!Here's some new cards I've been working on!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Hello World!

So I'm pretty new to this blog thing! I have recently opened up my etsy shop selling my cards and paper crafts! I was so excited when I found ETSY because I finally have an outlet for my card-making and scrapbooking! Um...I'm not really sure I know what else to say. I'll get better with each post I guess! I want to post some pictures that I've been making for Etsy and other stuff! I'll figure that out too! I guess that's all for now!