Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Busy Busy Busy

AHH! Today is my only day off from work this week and I'm sooooo busy. I have less than two months til the wedding and I still haven't gotten the invites made! Classes start back in two weeks and I'm not thrilled about that. I have two sets of 25 birthday party invitations to make for people by the end of the month. But I love it when life is like this! I am more productive when I am super busy. I am also thinking about submitting some cards in to a couple of magazines. The deadline for one of them is Friday, but I've already gotten some stuff in mind to submit. I have to go run my errands now. Have a great Wednesday!Here's some new cards I've been working on!


lourdes said...

Whew, and I thougth I was a busy beaver these days. Good luck making all your cards.

anodyne said...

This card is very pretty. Is it the wedding invitation?