Thursday, August 16, 2007


It got up to 108 degrees today. And the air was out in the car! Right now me and nathan are sharing since my car is broken. He picked me up today and we were going to take Skyy to the dog park, but it was too hot. I feel so bad for him being cooped up inside all day. It has just been too hot for us to really take him anywhere like we normally do. I swear I love that dog WAY too much. I'll have to post some pictures of him up soon! I got some really great pictures from the weekend printed yesterday.I can't wait to scrapbook them.I've been so busy doing cards and invitations lately that I haven't had a chance. When I finish the invitation order I'm working on now,I'm going to do some major scrapping! Our internet isn't hooked up at the apartment yet, so I'm at the coffee shop across the street and they are closing and the girl does not look happy with me!

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